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Five Golden Rules – Declare Them

After debates and discussion try to implement the rules one by one. No rush. Go slow.

Rule 1: All Videogame/Internet/TV watching in the living room

All multimedia activity – watching/playing happens in living room. No exception to the rule. None of the kids can have their own TV/computer/videogames sets in their room. Move all the multimedia channels to the living room where you can supervise. Take control.


Rule 2: Zero Tolerance for Violent Content in Media

Zero tolerance policy: Violence in media – TV, videogames, movies and music videos – is unacceptable.

Rule 3: Turn Off the TV at the first sight of Violence: particularly promos.

At the first sight of violence the only available option is: TURN IT OFF.   It does not make any difference how artistic or creative the program is or who has directed or acted. If it is violent, it gets no better treatment than any other violent media program. Period.

Particularly turn off those violent promotions announcing future programs. These promos tell kids what they can expect in subsequent programs. Violent promos are more dangerous than actual programs.  

Rule 4: Refuse to pay for violent Videogames and Movies

If your kid/s want to watch/buy/rent/play violent videogames or movies, just say ‘NO, SORRY’. Don’t pay for it and tell them that they cannot use their own money for buying/ renting/watching violent videogames or movies.

Rule 5: Ask your kid/s to come up with ideas for spending time together

This is very important and the most creative rule of the five. Ask your kid/s to help you to help them. It is important to keep them engaged once you free up their time. Ask them to come up with projects and ideas you all can get involved. Any concept that would keep them away from multimedia is good.

Make it a one-week, one-rule policy and implement them in any order you feel comfortable with. Give them time to settle down to each rule. Be firm on its implementation and extend all your help for any other concessions requested